Our Wedding

Our Wedding Album

All My Girls and my Dude of Honor! Cassandra, Melissa, Katie, Joey, Nicole and Caitlyn

All the Guys: Brett, John, Matt, Tucker, Casey

First Kiss

Mr &Mrs

The Whole Wedding Party

My mom dad and sisters and step mom and step dad

Me and my parents

Ben and his guys

A dragon Fly that followed me ever where that day. I really think it was my Grams.

Ben and his parents Wayne and Lisa

Wayne, Ben, Lisa, Steve

Wayne, Ben, Lisa, Steve and Casey

Me and Ben


Me and the Girls


First dance as husband and wife

Father and daughter dance!

He made me cry!

Mother and son dance

He made her cry!

Tucker and ben dance! there is no explanation for this!

My dance with Gavyn my son.

Grandma Sue and Brother-in-law Casey

Me and my Brother Lyrik all normal…………

Yeah that didn’t last!

And this is where it started!

So I danced with my mom!

then she told my step brother he was her favorite

Then told my step sister she was her favorite

Then this happened.. :/


Carina and Zach and Ben

Yes, he caked me!

Then there were kids!

Cassie Caught this and she was the next to be married!!  🙂

Classic Ben, using the teeth!

then for what ever reason Ben decided to carry Brett

Then Dip me

But I got a kiss

all my brothers and sisters minus one.. she was stranded in cali!

We are all goofy!

My dad with his kids!

This one is better!

She was so nervous to walk down the isle I had to tell her that I was nervous enough for the both of us!

My mom putting my head piece on

Pinning my dad

Pinning my dad

Big Hugs

Pinning my son!

Getting my good luck kiss and hug!

everyone was waiting

this bracelet my mom gave me, I wore it as a necklace to her wedding in 1996.


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