Our Honey Moon To Ireland

Here are pictures from our trip to Ireland!

And some little stories that we learned while on the CIE Tour through Ireland

Our tour guide was amazing his name was Patrick. He has a leprechaun at the front of the bus that collected storied and pins! Patrick told us stories about how he was a local farmer and so was his family!

 P1000531Ben being silly


P1000539Ben in a phone booth

P1000529 A Bridge on our way to the Blarney Woolen Mills

P1000528 TA DA the Blarney Woolen Mills

 P1000527A Castle  P1000520The Slattery Family Shield


P1000516The O’Brien Family Shield  P1000515This is the view from the top of the O’Brien Tower

 P1000509The cost to get to the top of the O’Brien Tower

 P1000508The O’Brien Watch Tower  P1000511


P1000512 P1000513Ben at the top of the O’Brien Watch tower

 P1000507Amazing view from this tower  P1000506 P1000502 P1000498Our tour guide said this was a leprechaun castle! hahaha

 P1000499The O’Brien Tower from a far

 P1000501 P1000497 P1000496

So… this was an amazing thing to see. its called a wishing tree. and what you do is take a piece of cloth or ribbon and make a wish and tie it to the tree. it is amazing that no one messes with this! in the USA it would have been messed with and cut down… it is absolutely beautiful to see all the wishes people have. people from all over the world! Ben and I defiantly left a wish behind and I will forever remember the wish I made that day!

 P1000495 P1000494 P1000492 P1000491

This is a picture of a shelter, almost like a cave. And inside this cave there are pictures and memorabilia of people who have passed away or items from people who just want to be remembered forever. there are beads and tokens and pictures and feathers and little toys… there is everything and anything. And no one messes with any of it! It is absolutely amazing how trustworthy people can actually be! I left an item of my own there and maybe if I ever go back I can see it again!

 P1000490 P1000489 P1000488 P1000487 P1000486

This is the outside of the small cave with everyone’s memories in it!

P1000485 P1000484

Broken down castles

P1000482 P1000481 P1000478 P1000477 P1000471 One of very few Thatched roof houses left in Ireland I believe we only saw two while here!

 P1000461 The Beach  P1000463 P1000467 P1000469 P1000458 P1000457Wind mills  P1000455 P1000454On the Bus

P1000453Ben being silly

P1000452 We did not stop here, we just drove by. but the tour guide Patrick told us it was a museum of slavery.

P1000436Kerry P1000447 P1000444 P1000442On a ferry to the next place. that’s our tour bus behind us!


P1000439 P1000437 P1000428SKELLIG Ring


P1000432 P1000435


P1000425Our tour Guide was amazing he actually drove up here so we could get some good “snaps”  🙂  P1000423 P1000422 P1000421Skellig Mountains  P1000419 P1000418 P1000417 P1000416 P1000414 P1000413 P1000411 P1000407We stopped to eat here. I DO NOT recommend it. The wait staff were so RUDE!!  P1000406 P1000405 P1000401 P1000399 P1000398 P1000397 P1000387 P1000389 P1000391 P1000392 P1000396 P1000386 P1000377

This was amazing! We stopped to see a sheep farmer. He showed us how he used his dogs to get his sheep where he wanted them to be. with a whistle or a snap they did exactly what he wanted them to do immediately.

P1000385 P1000383 P1000382 P1000381 P1000380 P1000368 P1000370 P1000372 P1000373 P1000374 P1000375 P1000376 P1000366 P1000364Everyone who visited stacked rocks all over the side of the road!

 P1000363Ben looking amazing!

 P1000360 P1000358 P1000356 P1000353This is the hills that the mans sheep live on

 P1000350O’Brien Castles

 P1000351 P1000347 P1000346 P1000345

We stopped to take pictures with this man who works here part time to take pictures with the tourists for tips. He has a goat who sat so still and minded his own and then he has a donkey with a puppy in the basket!

P1000343 P1000342 P1000339 P1000333 P1000332 P1000331 P1000329 P1000328Rainy day Go Figure!  P1000327 P1000326 P1000324 P1000322

So our tour guide told us a story about when this ‘bad guy’ (I don’t remember the name) went from town to town killing everyone so he could be king. now there was a heard of goats that lived up on this mountain and when they heard the troops coming from afar they became spooked and ran down the mountain. when this happened it sent a warning to the town folk to get out and hide and run. so they did. and because of this goat they are alive! so every August they pick one goat and crown it and dance and drink for a week! he said it was a whole week and people come from all over the world to this town to drink and dance for a week. and we went in July he said there wouldn’t be a hotel or room anywhere with in miles of this town!

P1000320 P1000319 P1000304 P1000312

These are the first Irish writings…. kind of like cave man writing. still amazed that this isn’t in a museum. when asked why they were not in a museum he said people are decent around here and no one is going to damage history

P1000317 P1000300

P1000297The Blarney stone lives in this castle!





P1000288CORK P1000286

P1000275 P1000276 We stopped in this town to get something to eat! they were very friendly and the food was great!

 P1000277 P1000279 P1000282 P1000274 P1000273 Patrick said they were restoring some of this old castle

 P1000270 P1000269 P1000267 P1000266 P1000257

This is a mirror that we saw in a castle we toured. under the mirror is a sofa with 6 seats in it. the end seats were made for one mal and one female. the middle seats were made for the girls mother and father and the boys mother and father. the men sat in the middle and discussed an arranged marriage. then when they came to an agreement then they sent it along to the wives to tell the children.

P1000259The second thatched roof we saw!  P1000260 P1000264 P1000244a building we saw that was weird so I took a picture of it

 P1000252 P1000253some random house  P1000239 P1000237 P1000235 P1000236 P1000234 P1000233 P1000232 P1000231 P1000229 P1000226 P1000217 P1000219


P1000221 P1000222

P1000216a chandelier

P1000214the royal throne and our red headed tour guide through the castle

P1000213 P1000211more Chandeliers

P1000212the throne. the tour lady told us that there was a king who was so big he had the chair made to fit him. then the next ruler was a tiny lady who had issues getting into the chair so they cut the legs off of it and added a foot stool so she can get into the chair. you can see the stool placed under it.

P1000210Lady’s were allowed to show as much breast as they wanted but NEVER were they allowed to show any of their feet or legs. it was considered inappropriate.

 P1000202The first day we arrived at this place it was our hotel. they didn’t have a room for us and the food was crappy. they gave us the keys to someone else’s room and we walked in on them sleeping. we were not impressed by this hotel at all!

P1000540Ben in a phone booth of course! He is underdog!

P1000206 P1000208The main hall of the Castle we toured!


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