Custom Thanksgiving Decoupage Plates

So… I will be hosting my very first Thanksgiving this year with my side of the family and also with my husbands side of the family. We will have 30 guests in our house for Thanksgiving. One thing that me and my son have been working on are these amazing decoupage plates. I first learned about them at my bridal shower when my aunt gifted us 13 plates one for each month of the year and one for my birthday. I thought that it was such a great idea and they looked absolutely amazing.

I love this craft because kids can do it easily with limited supervision. Here are the items that you will need:

Clear Glass plates. You can use circle plates or square plates, but you will not want to use anything with designs on the bottom or rigid points on the plate. It will make it easier if you just have flat plates with no design on them at all.

gloss mod podge

Next item you will need is Modge Podge. This is the one I used but there are different varieties to this. You can buy the matte kind, but it really doesn’t matter too much. 
Then you will need sponge paint brushes, I prefer the medium size one because it fits in the Modge Podge container and it gathers just the right amount of glue to the plate with out having too much or too little. However, my son used the large one and that one worked better for him.
images (1) images download (1) download (2)
Then Finally, you will need different types of fabric in the theme or holiday that you’re working on. So, since I am doing Thanksgiving I picked out some with leaves on them. I also picked out a few different types so the plates vary rather then all looking the same.

Here is what you will need to do next:

  1. Take all labels off of the plates and make sure they are clean and dry.
  2. Cut out squares of fabric bigger then the plate.
  3. Turn your plate upside down and paint the bottom of the plate with a thin layer of Modge Podge using you sponge brush.
  4. Screen-shot-2012-12-14-at-1.14.35-PMDSC02045
    TIP: One thing that worked great for my son… I placed his plate on top of and upside down plastic bowl. It made it easier for him to grab the plate and have control over what he was doing with out making too big of a mess.
  5. Then put the fabric square upside down onto the plate (so that the good side of the fabric shows through the top of the plate when being used.) and smooth out all the bumps and ripples. Make sure there are no air bubbles. Turn over the plate and check to see that there are not air bubbles and that it looks correct.
  6. Then put a thin layer of Modge Podge on top of the fabric.
  7. Let it dry for 20-30 min then put another layer of Modge Podge on top of the fabric again.
  8. Flip the plate over once it is dry and with either an exacto knife or a pair of sharp scissors, cut around the plate at an angle so that all of the extra fabric is removed.

Please remember that these plates are NOT dishwasher safe, however, they can be washed by hand. I would not recommend them being soaked in the sink either.


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