A Cause For Kids


This is my beautiful sister Christine Slattery. She is trying to get the word out about a program That helps kids. If you could help that would be great. If not, please just share this post so others can help. Here is her story. I’ll add pictures along the way.

“Hi Family! As many of you know, July 2014 I had an accident. An accident that changed my life. Falling from the side of a mountain and breaking the bones in my right ankle, stopped my world from spinning at a pace that was not only comfortable for me, but worked.”


“I was on top of my fitness goals, having lost 65 lbs, I had a job I loved, I fit in with an amazing church family (was even on the praise team) and a social life, no one could complain about. I was surrounded by people I loved and trusted deeply. On July 4th, I was hiking with a couple friends, lost my footing and fell about a yard and a half down the slope of a mountain in Santa Rosa. It was in that moment my world stopped. In the process of healing, I lost everything. All I had was the support from my family, and a small amount of friends. Having your independence stripped from you in a split second is world shattering, but I overcame the struggle. I went through surgery where the surgeons needed to reconstruct my ankle using 2 medal plates, 11 screws, 2 bolts, and wire to act as a tendon.”


“Healing from this accident, I was unable to work, disability was taking forever to activate, and I lost my apartment. I moved back home with my parents because I needed the physical support. My family went to San Bernardino, where I lived previously, and moved all of my belongings. Relationships slowly broke down and only a few true friends stayed in contact with me.”


“As I worked with doctors who helped me with multiple complications, my spirit fell into a dark place. I suffered with depression and gained well over what weight I lost before my accident. I worked with doctors, physical therapist, social workers, etc. Although I was able to hide my emotions better, I still wasn’t myself; I wasn’t who I was before this tragic accident happened.”


“Today. I have found peace. I have found love. I have found the light that was at the end of this tribulation. While I focused on all of the negative things that came with this moment in my life, I forgot to acknowledge all of the great things that transpired as well. I started a movement; Operation Bringing Sexy Back. My mission was to align myself again; mind, body and spirit. You can follow my journey with the hashtag #OBSB or #operationbriningsexyback if you aren’t already.”


“This is a movement I started during my recovery. In March, it was time for me to start looking for a job. Back in July, I had lost my position with my previous employer. They were gracious with extending their benefits to me while I was disability, however it was nearly impossible to return to my position. After countless application and many interviews, I found my home. As most of you know, I just recently started working for the La Jolla YMCA. I have not been working here very long at all, but I already feel like I have built life long relationships with the family I have here at the La Jolla Branch.”


“I am reaching out to all of my friends, families and acquaintances for support with the La Jolla YMCA annual campaign. I have never been a person to ask for donations or solicit support for any cause, and I am not even on a fundraising team. However, this is something that wholeheartedly believe in. I have worked from childcare to camp and now in administration and I have seen first hand how donations are used here at the Y. 100% of donations are given to families; families who can not afford to participate in camp, or have a safe place to go after school. I have seen kids who have special needs be serviced with one on one attention for care for no cost to their families because of the funds that are donated to this wonderful organization by people like you. Like I stated, I am not on a fundraising team. But my mom and dad always told me, when you are passionate about something, fight for it. My mission statement matches 100% to the mission statement of the Y. And I want to Fight to have the movement my best friend and I created (OBSB) someone where in the YMCA in La Jolla. Please help me raise money to support families in our community, but to also get the word out about Operation Bringing Sexy Back. The Mission of the Y: The YMCA of San Diego County is dedicated to improving the quality of human life and helping all people realize their fullest potential as children of God through the development of the spirit, mind and body. To have this hashtag somewhere in the Y: Firehouse Mosaic $250 Starfish $500 Bubble $1,000 Fish $2,500 Large Bubble $5,000 Large Fish To have a building or space named after the Tag: $25,000 A Building or Room in the renovated Mc Kinney Family YMCA. I dream big… who is with me?!?! If you can’t donate $5 to my mission of having my Dreams come true, please spread this link like wildfire!! The more people who read this the better. Lets work together to fight for personal growth: Mind, Body, and Spirit.”

Click the link below to donate to a great cause!



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