My ThanksGiving AppleSauce

This recipe is super easy. I don’t know about you, but I always have a lot of apples left over from apple picking with the family and some just cant make it till Thanksgiving apple pies. 🙂 Yummy!

So here is what I do!

Take all your apples and peel them and core them. you may need to take your pairing knife and make sure all those pesky little seeds are all out.

Then I add all the apples to a pot with about a cup of water to the bottom and then add a table spoon full of ground cinnamon a table spoon full of ground nutmeg and a table spoon full of ground cloves and 2 tables spoons full of pure almond extract… The smell is very strong but I promise you its taste is not as strong as the smell… Most of the taste will boil out… Then cover stirring occasionally… Let it simmer for 45 min to an hour… you can remove the lid after a half hour if you would like. Once the apple sauce is at the consistency that you would like it turn off the heat. Some people like their Applesauce with a little bit of a crunch and some like theirs smooth.

Here was the end result of my applesauce! it is delish!



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