Reindeer Close Pin Ornaments

This project was so easy and so much fun!
Here is what you will need:
1. Close pins
2. Brown Paint
3. Glue Gun
4. Assorted Buttons
5. Pipe Cleaners
6. Puff balls
7. String or yarn or ribbon to hang your ornament.
8. A “Painters” Pen to write on the back of your ornament

First Paint your close pins brown on one side, then let them dry, then turn them over and paint the other side. You can use whatever kind of paint you want to use. This is the paint I used because it’s what I had handy today.

Next you are going to want to get your pipe cleaners cut and ready.

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First, take the pipe cleaner and fold it in half. Then fold it in half again. You are going to cut the 1/4 off of the end of the pipe cleaner and tie it onto the end of the pipe cleaners ends to make antlers.

Next, you will take your hot glue gun and put a dollop of glue onto the middle of the antlers and open the close pin and glue it inside all the way to the bottom by the metal clip. It’s okay and preferable at this point if the close pin is glued shut.


This is what they should look like.


Next we add the red noses! Some can be black noses. Not everyone can be Rudolph! 😦


Now, we will pick our buttons for our eyes. You could use just about anything for eyes. You could use googly eyes or pasta. I just had a lot of buttons, and they look awesome! You are going to want to use your hot glue gun again to put these on.


This is what they should look like now.


Don’t forget to add your string and your personalization on the back so everyone knows it’s from you!!!


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