All Things That I am Thankful For

Tis the season to write what we are all thankful for. I have always been thankful for my family and friends and blah blah blah… Everyone always says the same things. This is what I’m selfishly thankful for. I am thankful that my mother and grandmother taught me how to cook. I watched them from a young age. A lot of people my age can not cook. I want to look at them like they are crazy and uneducated, but I know it is not of any fault of their own. My mother and grandmother taught me how to cook for a large group of people and also for a small family of three. I love to bake and use my crock pot and even broil.

On that note, my mother taught me so many things. How to cook and clean. She taught me how to do laundry and do my best at what ever I do. She never taught me to be the best. She taught me that as long as I do my best, then it IS the best! Because of that life lesson, I have a great career. I love my job and I’m great at it. I never do anything half assed. I follow through with everything I start, and if I don’t finish what I start then I know I didn’t do my best.

My mother and Grandmother taught me to be compassionate towards others and to be respectful of other people’s feelings. This makes me a great Mom and a compassionate wife. So out of all the things and people I am thankful for… my Mom is #1


Because of her I learned to be a great Mom and friend and co-worker. I have great work ethics and personal ethics. I set goals and follow through with them. I teach my son to be independent and compassionate. I have a great son and an amazing husband a wonderful house and car. I also have a great job. Everything I have worked my ass off for. Everything I have I worked hard for, because of the morals she taught me as a child and into adulthood.

So for this… I am very thankful for my amazing mother! Debby Baptiste.

What are some things that you are selfishly thankful for?


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