Melted Crayon Ornaments


What You’ll  Need:
1 package of Crayola crayons – don’t cheap out here because the Crayola ones really do melt the best and you can use the metallic ones for a better color.


a sharp craft knife
1 package of clear GLASS craft ornaments

a hair dryer
a pair of oven mitts or thick winter gloves

How to Make:
1. Take your crayons out of the box and, using your craft knife, peel the wrappers from the crayons. Once your crayons are peeled, cut your crayons into small pieces – about 6 pieces per crayon.

2. Take the silver top off your ornament and place 3-4 crayon pieces into the ball. Experiment with color combinations and have fun!
3. Put the silver top back on the ornament and put on a thermal or winter mitt. Turn your hair dryer on high heat and hold your ornament in your gloved hand. Heat up the crayons until they start to melt and then swirl the ornament around in your hand so the colors swirl all over the inside of the ornament. Don’t melt the crayons completely, it will be too much. Once you are satisfied with the coverage, turn off the blow dryer heat.

4. Take the silver top back off the ornament, and turn the ornament upside down over a plate or bowl. Turn your hair dryer on once again and heat up the crayons until they fall out of the opening at the bottom and on to your plate or bowl. Put the silver top back on your ornament, and you’re done!

glitter-galaxy-ornaments-diy IMG_2657 index
Add glitter for a different style and look.

Courtesy & Thanks to Jill at ->…/melted-crayon-ornaments.html


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